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Paleo Period 12000B.C - 8500B.C.
Archaic Period 8500B.C. - 1000B.C.
Woodland Period 1000B.C. - 900A.D.
Mississippian Period 900A.D. - 1650A.D.
Historic Period 1650A.D. - 1900A.D.
Pre-Columbian Period
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Museum of Native American History

 202 SW 'O' Street  Bentonville, AR 72712  (479) 273-2456

The Museum of Native American History



Hundreds of years ago, when the first European explorers discovered the vast new world now known as the Americas, they found a race of people already living off the land. These tribal inhabitants soon became known as American Indians.

The History of the United States is usually thought of as being discovered in the 1500's by explorers like Columbus, Desoto, and Cortez, but there is a much more ancient history that remains untold.

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Learning the Facts
Whether the first Americans originally entered the continent by land or by sea, evidence of their existence on the continent is found in the tools, weapons, and ornaments they left behind. Learn More

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Grand Opening at New Location!
The Museum is now  open to the public at a new location.
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